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Tamlong Tabb

Name: Tamlong Tabb Country: Papua New Guinea Location: Madang Lagoon, Siar Tamlong lives in Siar Village, located along the inner coast of Madang Lagoon, Papua New Guinea, and is an active leader in the community. Concerned with the dynamite fishing in the lagoon, Tamlong has written several letters to the Member of Parliament requesting action, and - together

Vitawa takes the lead in 4FJ campaign

The 4FJ campaign sought pledges from across Fiji not to eat, buy or sell the fish during its peak breeding months.

Silverio Wale

Name: Silverio Wale Country: Solomon Islands Location: Langa Langa Lagoon, Malaita Province Silverio came from Radesifolame, in Langa Langa Lagoon, Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands. He worked on community development projects focusing on forest/land conservation, resources management and implementing sustainable livelihood enterprises as alternative income within the conservation areas. His successful enterprise projects included

Yoseph Rumkorem

Name: Yoseph Rumkorem Country: Indonesia Location: Meos Mangguandi Most of the people in the surrounding islands of Meos Mangguandi knew Yoseph Rumkorem as a community leader against bomb fishing. He would be very angry if he discovered fishers using bombs for collecting in his traditional fishing ground. In many cases, he would run out with

Pedrus Primo

Name: Pedrus Primo Country: Pohnpei Location: Takaieu community, Pohnpei Mr. Pedrus Primo is currently the traditional chief of the Takaieu community, and as such, goes by the traditional title of “Kehlahk Takaieu.” Kehlahk Takaieu was one of the first four Community Conservation Officers (CCOs) selected by both chiefs of Dehpehk and Takaieu communities to serve

Saki Fong

Name: Saki Fong Country: Fiji No stranger to the Fiji country network (FLMMA) family and communities, Sakiusa “Saki” Patrick Fong is a senior scientific officer at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) in Fiji. He has a background in marine biology and chemistry, and has worked for 10 years in community-based adaptive

GUIDE: Marine Species Information Sheets

This guide and series of information sheets, produced jointly by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the LMMA Network, aim to help communities improve the management of key food species in the Pacific region.

Samuel Mansmor

  Name:  Samuel Mansmor Country: Indonesia Location: Biak Numfor A former policeman and winner of the prestigious 2004 Kalpataru environmental award, Samuel Mansmor works to teach community members about the importance of protecting their environment and resources.  

Francis Mamou

Name:  Francis Mamou Country: Solomon Islands Location: Marau Sound, Guadalcanal Francis Mamou shines almost alone with his ability to exert some influence over his Hanua’asuasu tribe of Marapa and Niu islands in Marau Sound on the southeastern tip of Guadalcanal. His boldness and courage in communicating items of tribal importance is a quality Mr. Mamou

Gilbert Tuazon

Name:  Gilbert Tuazon Country: Phillippines Location: Panglao Island, Bingag Gilbert lives in Bingag, a village located on the northwest coast of Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines. Gilbert is President of the Bingag Barangay Fish Wardens and Monitoring Team, and Chairman of the Dauis Municipal Fish Wardens. Having been trained in fish and coral monitoring