A very exciting development and a strong step forward has been taken for community based natural resource management in Fiji with the recent decision to appoint 14 new full-time Conservation Officers who are university qualified and who will live and work in each province (yasana) across the Fiji Islands.

An important note on background: Fiji LMMA Network and iTaukei Affairs Board have been in close partnership since the founding of FLMMA. One particular area of work had been the establishment of Yaubula Management Support Teams or YMST which are established at provincial and district levels to support LMMA site work and natural resource management in general. FLMMA initially introduced funded community members as YMST reps, which has evolved into the launching of the establishment of Conservation Officers currently funded by FLMMA members (WWF, WCS, IAS) and some direct funding from donors such Packard, Mac Arthur and ADB.

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