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Every year we usually receive tourists in our village. We are known around the world for ‘turtle calling,’ and for this we created our marine reserve for the people coming to see it. We want to boost this project as ecotourism.
We have a special tradition. Before we go to see the turtles we have a kava ceremony and storytelling of the legend. Then we go down to the point and the women perform a special meke – a traditional song and dance, and the turtles will come up.

Our forefathers told us the story about how this came to be. The turtles were once humans. They went out snorkeling off the shores of our neighboring village and were caught by fishermen and put into their boat. The only way for them to escape was to turn into turtles. They melted through the boat and once they were back in the water, they changed into turtles and swam all the way back to our village, to the point (see photo at right). This is where we call the turtles.

Location – Fiji
17° 58′ 43.4388″ S, 178° 7′ 56.3664″ E