image001_0The Tavua LMMA – the second oldest LMMA site in Fiji – was established in 2003 as the result of a Management Planning workshop hosted by the Fiji LMMA Network (FLMMA) in conjunction with the Institute of Applied Science (IAS) at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva. Following the workshop, the closure of the Nasalisali reef area around Manava Island was declared, with the blessings of the chief as well as the peop

In accordance with the LMMA management plan, the following is banned: use of illegal fishing techniques (dynamite fishing, undersized net mesh, cyanide fishing), unlicensed fishermen, poaching from the MPA, and the dumping of rubbish into the marine ecosystem. The tikina’s vision is to have the MPA surrounding the small island of Manava stay permanently closed to harvesting to ensure that future generations will have fish and other edible marine resources to eat. Leading the effort are the Tavua Qoliqoli Committee (consisting of a member from each clan and each village in the district), registered fish wardens, and the Tui Tavua (Paramount Chief), Ratu Ovini Bokini.

In addition to the initial management planning workshop, FLMMA/IAS has carried out the following: National Dynamite Awareness Workshop in 2004; Biological Monitoring Training and Management Plan Review Workshops in 2005; baseline biological monitoring and socio-economic surveys in 2006; and briefing to the Tavua District Council Meeting and assisting the Tavua Qoliqoli Committee to justify an increase in licensing fees for commercial fishing in 2007. Numerous publications and reports have been produced by FLMMA/IAS based on these workshops.
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