Of course, it’s hard to evaluate something like games in casinos. The reason is that odds are always against you, and this is pretty subjective. However, there are some criteria that allow us to frankly decide which game is worse. So, according to statistics and other metrics, the following games here https://joocasinoau.com/bonuses  are considered the worst one.



Keno's house edge is commonly stated to be 25%. That means the casino keeps a quarter of every dollar you wager. But that's not the full story; depending on the game's regulations and how you play, you may be giving the house a 35 percent advantage. The lottery is the only regulated game I'm aware of that has worse odds, but at least part of your lottery loses go to charity.

Keno isn't one of the worst casino games just because it makes the casino a lot of money. It's also a terrible game. In essence, players select numbers in the hopes that they correspond to the numbers picked by the casino. In comparison to other casino games, it's half bingo, part lottery drawing, and it goes at the speed of cold molasses.

If you really must play keno, stick to video games. These games have a modest advantage in terms of odds. Just keep in mind that video keno features drawings every few minutes, rather than once or twice an hour like the live game. Over-playing will cost you your edge in the long run.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular game in Macau and other areas of Asia, but it's not often played in the United States. It is, nonetheless, available. At least one table may be found in each of the major casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It's also one of the casino's worse games.


The house edge in Sic Bo varies greatly, ranging from 3% to 34%. The game is played with three dice, and there are several betting alternatives for each dice roll's outcome. With a house edge of just under 3%, the two most basic bets – small and big – are a good bet when compared to other casino games. But that's where the good luck ends.

The Double bet is the worst bet in the game. This is a bet that on the following roll, two of any certain number will emerge. It provides the casino a 34 percent advantage, which is comparable to the worst keno games.

I don't think Sic Bo is a bad game; it's an intriguing mix of roulette and craps that goes quickly. If you stick to the big and little bets, you won't have to deal with such a high house edge. But, on the other hand, who wants to spend all day putting the same two bets?