Name: Paul Led
Country: Papua New Guinea
Location: Riwo, Madang Lagoon

Paul is from Riwo Village, located along the coast of Madang Lagoon in Papua New Guinea. Trained as a parataxonomist, Paul has more than 10 years experience in scientific monitoring, and is now nationally recognized as a leader in coral reef and fish monitoring. He has also acted as a “trainer of trainers,” teaching monitoring methods to conservation practitioners in Fiji. Paul is also very experienced in freshwater and estuarine survey work and has assisted in the discovery of several new fish species for Papua New Guinea. Paul has been instrumental in the establishment of the Madang LMMA Network, is a committee member of the Laugum WMA and has surveyed many of the marine and freshwater WMAs in PNG. Paul has around 3500 hours of logged diving time, almost all of which has been in the course of survey work. Paul, together with a fellow community member, Francis Wadui, received a WWF award in 2005. Read more about Madang Lagoon. Read more about WWF award.