To welcome 2004, I thought it would be nice to go for a dive. Little did I know that my New Year dive would go off with a bang! The last time I dove in Nasugbu was 3 years ago. Just as I was marveling at the recovery of the reef around the tip of Punta Fuego, where I saw two white-tip sharks, a huge and ancient-looking moray eel, many reef fishes and nudibranchs and lots of recovering corals, a powerful blast rattled every bone in my body. Because sound travels faster in water than in air and because we are composed mostly of water, it felt like an oil tanker had blown up just a few yards away! The local boatman did not see any blasting at the surface and guessed that the blast originated from about 3 miles away, just behind Twin Islands.

Location: Philippines
16° 58′ 21.8676″ N, 121° 38′ 26.25″ E