Elimoang school visit

The Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) began the Elimoang (Pohnpei Mangrove Crab) campaign in June of last year; one of approximately 40 RARE campaigns that were being implemented worldwide in 2005-2006. The campaigns are designed to raise awareness and increase local engagement in the conservation of biologically diverse species and areas.
The Elimoang, or Pohnpei Mangrove Crab, was chosen as Pohnpei’s flagship species for the campaign. The Pohnpei Elimoang Campaign is meant to educate people about the species, its habitat, life cycle, food, sexual maturity, and role in the ecosystem. The campaign will not stop fishers from harvesting mangrove crabs, businesses from selling crabs, nor people from eating them. The campaign’s goal is to connect the importance of quality marine areas – most notably the mangroves and coral reefs – to the health of Pohnpei’s community.

Location – Micronesia
6° 52′ 58.08″ N, 158° 14′ 9.9024″ E