Name: Tamlong Tabb
Country: Papua New Guinea
Location: Madang Lagoon, Siar

Tamlong lives in Siar Village, located along the inner coast of Madang Lagoon, Papua New Guinea, and is an active leader in the community. Concerned with the dynamite fishing in the lagoon, Tamlong has written several letters to the Member of Parliament requesting action, and – together with his clan – declared the waters around Tab Island, of which his clan are the traditional owners, as a Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Tamlong is Chairman of Tab WMA management committee. He is also very active in local politics as a social activist and is in the process of registering the community-based Madang Lagoon Association as a vehicle for community activism and championing environmental health. Read more about Tamlong and Madang Lagoon.

Photo by Toni Parras