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VIDEO- The LMMA Network: Lessons Learned

This video produced by the LMMA Network highlights successes, challenges and advice from communities and practitioners gleaned from their experience in managing their marine areas. 25 minutes plus a 15-minute extra feature.

GUIDEBOOK- Locally-Managed Marine Areas: A guide to supporting Community-Based Adaptive Management

This guide developed by the LMMA Network gives instructions for engaging local communities and setting up an LMMA. Available in English and French. March 2008

Coming Together: Sharing Lessons from the 2008 LMMA Network-wide Meeting Community Exchange

This LMMA Network "Community Storybook" is a collection of lessons, tips and experiences shared during the Community Exchange session at the 2008 LMMA Network-wide Meeting in Fiji. It is intended to be strategically introduced to communities as part of a workshop or community awareness event. We recommend leaving ample time for elaboration and discussion of the points in the storybook, particularly the more sensitive or debatable ones. November 2009

POSTER – FLMMA Adaptive Management Cycle

This poster depicts the Adaptive Management Cycle as used by the Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA), including assessment, awareness raising, issue identification, action planning, implementation and monitoring, and analysing and communicating results. 2010

Tamlong Tabb

Name: Tamlong Tabb Country: Papua New Guinea Location: Madang Lagoon, Siar Tamlong lives in Siar Village, located along the inner coast of Madang Lagoon, Papua New Guinea, and is an active leader in the community. Concerned with the

Calls for increased government support for communities

Buoyed by two successive regional meetings of fisheries and government experts, Pacific Islands community leaders are hopeful their calls for support in meeting their food and income needs were finally heard.