Our Staff, Coordination Team & Technical Advisors

The overall Network and some country networks have one or more full- or part-time staff members, and various technical advisors. The Network Coordination Team (NCT) oversees the day-to-day functioning, coordination and administration of the Network. All of these people are marine resource management practitioners who have experience and skills in community-based adaptive management, and/or are specialists in relevant fields such as data management and analysis, communications, and fundraising/financial planning.

Within the NCT, there are committees that focus on:

  1. Country Support
  2. Learning
  3. Communications
  4. Finance

An Executive Coordination Committee is made up of the chairs of each Committee.

The following is a listing of staff, NCT members and key technical advisors (note that their main institutional affiliations may or may not necessarily be directly involved with the LMMA Network; for LMMA partner organizations, see Partners).

Our Staff

DCF 1.0Bill Aalbersberg

Bill is the Director of the Institute of Applied Science at the University of the South Pacific (USP), which provides a Pacific home for the Network. He has worked in conservation in Fiji for almost 20 years with 10 years of experience using participatory techniques in community conservation. He has been a leader in the development of the LMMA Network both regionally and nationally in Fiji. Bill is currently chair of the Finance committee of the NCT and helps manage several LMMA contracts through USP.

wayneandrewWayne Andrew

Wayne has broad experience training and implementing LMMA approaches with local communities, with specific focus on MPA enforcement and climate change adaptation. He is a Senior Advisor to OneReef Micronesia Program as well as the Micronesia Regional Mentor for the NOAA-sponsored Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Areas Community (PIMPAC). He served for years as the Deputy Manager for the Helen Reef Resource Management Project and the LMMA Network Regional Coordinator for Micronesia. In 2008, Wayne was elected to the Palau House of Delegates, representing his home state of Hatohobei, and was named Chair for the Committee on Tourism and Protected Areas in Palau. He is also a teacher and tutor in his community.


Jorg Y. Anson

Joining the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) as the new Marine Program Manager in December 2012, Jorg Anson comes to CSP with years of combined experience in marine and environmental science. Jorg has most recently served as an undergraduate researcher at Pacific Bioscience Research Center’s Kewalo Marine Laboratory and brings prior experience as a Marine Science major at Ponape Agriculture and Trade School and the College of Micronesia-FSM. Jorg has conducted many hours of federally funded research projects focusing on the reproduction, recruitment, and growth of scleractinians and reef-related organisms as well as the effects of both anthropogenic and natural stressors on marine ecosystems. Jorg is dedicated to advocating the importance of bridging the gap between western science and existing traditional knowledge systems in order to effectively manage Pohnpei’s marine ecosystems.

Brad, Feb2012[1]

Brad Carte

Brad is the newest FLMMA Coordinator, joining the Network in early 2014. An honorary fellow at the Institute of Applied Sciences, USP, and a Lecturer in the School of Marine Studies, he has a PhD in Oceanography from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and over 20 years pharmaceutical industry experience in developing and managing large scale programs for the sustainable development of natural resources, with a special focus on the marine environment.


Jovelyn T. Cleofe

Jovy is the current Philippine Country Co-Coordinator. She has been working with coastal communities since the mid 80s doing livelihood development, gender mainstreaming and education and training work. She is also the Executive Director of Center for Empowerment and Resource Development, Inc. (CERD), one of the partner NGOs in the Philippi

jamesJames Comley

James is a Research Advisor with the Institute of Applied Science at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, focusing on understanding ecological changes resulting from management and the wider health and status of inshore fisheries. Previously he was the Head of Marine Science at Coral Cay Conservation, an organization through which he worked extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He currently serves as a technical advisor to the Network and is on the NCT Learning Committee.

chitoChito Dugan

Chito Dugan has been the Philippines LMMA Network Country Co-coordinator for over 7 years and an active member of the Network for a decade. He is the Executive Director of SIKAT, Inc., a non-government organization that organizes interdependent communities and organizations advocating community-based natural resource management. Since 1998 he has worked with small-scale fishers to improve fisheries management and social conditions through community-based coastal resource management. He serves as the Board of Trustees Chairperson for NGOs for Fisheries Reform (NFR), a national coalition of NGOs that supports fishers’ rights and LMMA approaches through national policy advocacy. Chito has a BA in Community Development, University of the Philippines, and Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from Miriam College, Philippines.


Hugh was originally a marine biologist but now “generalizes” in governance and participatory processes. He has more than two decades of community-based conservation work in the Pacific and Latin America. Hugh returned to the Pacific region in 1999 to support community based adaptation in Fiji where he relocated in 2003. He now leads the Advocacy strategy for the Network and is a country liaison for Solomon Islands.


Lies is a chemist and the Vice-Dean for the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at the University of Cenderwasih in Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia. She is committed to working with the LMMA communities in eastern Indonesia and trains students on the community-based approach to conservation. Lies is a member of the Learning committee of the NCT.

eugeneEugene Joseph

Eugene is the Marine Program Manager for Conservation Society of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia and served numerous years as a co-coordinator for Pohnpei LMMA. He holds an Associate of Science Degree in Marine Studies from the College of Micronesia-FSM and recently completed a Graduate Diploma in the Not For Profit Management program with Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. Eugene is skilled in both biophysical and socioeconomic monitoring and has extensive experience working with and organizing local communities. Eugene is now the Micronesia LMMA Coordinator and a member of the Communications committee of the NCT.

kesdyKesdy-Ray Ladore

Kesdy-Ray joined the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) Marine Team in 2006 as an assistant to the RARE campaign on Marine Protected Areas. He also attended the Marine Studies program at the College of Micronesia-FSM. In 2008, Kesdy-Ray became the MPA Network Coordinator for CSP and took over the role of Country Coordinator for Pohnpei LMMA Network with assistance from Eugene Joseph.

cliffCliff Marlessy

Cliff is the Country Coordinator for the Indonesia LMMA Network. He has extensive experience with community-based conservation work in West Papua and the Molucca Islands. Cliff is a member of the Country Support and Learning committees of the Network Coordination Team.

meoSemisi Meo

Meo is a senior scientific officer at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Applied Sciences in Fiji. He has a background in marine biology and chemistry, and has worked for 10 years in community-based adaptive management. Meo headed the Fiji country network (FLMMA) biological group; in this role, he coordinated a partner organization monitoring forum to critique survey methodologies, and assisted with the development of the Marine Resources Inventory survey protocol for the Fisheries Dept. He is chair of the FLMMA Design Administration and Management working group and the Country Support committee of the NCT.

selinoSelino Maxin

Selino joined the Conservation Society of Pohnpei Marine Team in early 2005. He was selected to the team for his extensive skills and experiences in local fishing techniques. Selino also attended the Marine Studies program at the College of Micronesia-FSM. He has been coordinating and training community fish and coral monitoring within three MPA communities since he started at CSP. Selino is also leading the Pohnpei coral monitoring team and currently serving the role of data manager for Pohnpei LMMA.

zoe_piliZoe Pastorfield-Li

Zoe supports Network coordination and communications. She earned her BA from Columbia University, and also works as a fishing and SUP tour guide in Hawaii and other parts of the US.


ameliaAmelia Pei

Amelia is the current Secretariat for the Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA), after having joined FLMMA in 2009. She has a diploma and a bachelor of applied science in environment.


eriEri Pesto

Eri is based in Port Moresby. She is the Program Assistant and responsible for PNGCLMA administration, finances and logistics for all programs. She holds a Certificate in Office Procedures and Secretarial Studies. She is currently completing a Graduate Diploma Not for Profit Management from Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland New Zealand. She has 25 years of experience with administration and finance in the NGO and public sectors.

etikaEtika Rupeni

Etika was a founding member of both the Fiji and regional LMMA Network and continues to serve as a technical advisor. He is currently the Regional Programme Manager of Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI) Communities and Coasts programme, leading coastal resource management efforts in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tuvalu, and is the Regional Coordinator for Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation. He formerly held management roles with WWF and WCS, working on Fiji-based conservation projects in marine, forest, watershed, climate adaptation and eco-regional planning.

LoataLoata Qorovarua

Loata is the Accounts Officer at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Applied Sciences in Fiji. She is also the current Finance Officer for the LMMA Network and FLMMA, after joining IAS in June 2011.


margieLoata Qorovarua

Loata is the Accounts Officer at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Applied Sciences in Fiji. She is also the current Finance Officer for the LMMA Network and FLMMA, after joining IAS in June 2011.


aliferetiAlifereti Tawake

Alifereti has worked on natural resource management, development and conservation issues throughout the Indo-Pacific for over 15 years. His work with the Fiji LMMA Network (FLMMA) won him the international Whitley Award for People and the Environment in 2004. He served on the Network’s Country Support, Communications and Learning committees, and helped fundraise for the Network through First Peoples Worldwide. He serves as a technical advisor to FLMMA and the Network’s Learning Committee. Alifereti is one of the IUCN-WCPA North & South Pacific Marine Coordinators and is currently earning his PhD at James Cook University.


Wendy serves as Manager of the overall LMMA Network since 2007. She manages Network activities, coordinates Network communications, provides support and oversight to Country Networks, handles Network budget and donor relations, and serves as a primary contact for the Network. She also serves on all Network Committees. Wendy has nearly 20 years experience in international development, conservation and the NGO sector. Previously with Conservation International’s Indonesia Program, she was instrumental in the development and growth of CI’s Asia programs, providing leadership in organizational management and program development.

ronRon Vave

Ron is Assistant Project Manager for the LMMA Network at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Applied Science, and an Executive Board member of the Fiji country network. He assists in training LMMA country reps on data collection, analysis, results interpretation and storage of biological and socioeconomic data. He has a Masters degree in Marine Biology from USP and is a member of the Network’s Data Management and Analysis working group. Previously the Network’s Data Manager and currently the Chair of the Learning committee, Ron is leading the revision of the Network’s Learning Agenda.

suniaSunia Waqainabete

Sunia is the Senior Research Officer for the Fiji Department of Fisheries and is currently the Country Coordinator for the Fiji country LMMA Network (FLMMA).