structurefirstThe ‘Overall Network’ is the term we use to describe members, sites and projects from all countries combined. As most of the countries where we work have several participating projects, we have found that the most frequent learning takes place at the country level due to geographic proximity and shared language, culture and history.

Thus most countries have formed their own ‘country network,’ where project teams share skills and experiences and form joint groups to implement their work. Within those countries where project sites are even more geographically separated, ‘local’ or ‘sub-country’ networks have been formed in-country to carry out activities. Work in each country is carried out in its own way to suit cultural and/or other needs.A Council – consisting of representatives from each country network – governs the overall network, while a Network Support Team (NST) – consisting of a management unit, technical advisors, and country network coordinators – carries out the administration and implementation of activities.