LMMA Network in collaboration with Small-Scale Fisher organizations around the world cordially invites you to the following side events at the UN Ocean Conference noting that fishers and coastal communities are one the most under-represented groups in decision making and at this conference.

LMMA Network is also co-organizing and presenting at:

  • Dialogues for marine conservation and artisanal small-scale fisheries: A vision from artisanal small scale fisheries, seeking equity, social justice, sustainability and peace. Wednesday 29th June from 8 to 10am (GMT+1) – Tejo restaurant of the Oceanário de Lisboa 1990-005, Lisbon.  More info here or join the livestream.
  • Leveraging Human Rights and Gender Equity to Achieve SDG 14 The roundtable will discuss human rights and gender equity as a prerequisite to achieve sustainable fisheries, with special attention to women as key actors for change. Friday 1st, 2:15-3:45pm (GMT+1). Side Event Room 1.

For more information about the UN Ocean Conference visit the website here.