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LMMA has a Network Coordination Team and a Network Support Team to support administrative needs, project design and implementation, and lessons exchanges, including assisting governments, donors, development agencies and civil society incorporate LMMA principles and approaches.

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Network Coordination Team

Caroline Vieux

Network Coordinator

Caroline is French and has been involved in working with Pacific Islands governments and communities since 2004, first as a coral reef monitoring scientist and trainer for environment and fisheries officers of the Polynesian region. She then moved to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme in Samoa as the Coral Reef Management Officer and in this position she started attending LMMA Network Coordination Team meetings, supported LMMA activities such as the last LMMA conference in 2008 and promoted the LMMA approach in the French territories. She went back in the field in 2013 to develop and support the implementation of community-led small-scale resource management and supplementary livelihood projects in French Polynesia. She moved to New Caledonia with her family in 2019 and was contracted as the LMMA Network Coordinator in 2019 to manage the LMMA component of the Pacific European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Programme and also help with the operations of the network.

Teri Tuxson

Assistant Coordinator

Teri was born and raised in Suva, Fiji, with maternal links to the island of Rotuma. She has worked in coastal fisheries projects through the LMMA Network International, the School of Marine Science at the University of the South Pacific, and the Mamanuca Environment Society, and volunteered with LajeRotuma Initiative and Coral Cay Conservation. She hopes that through her work with the LMMA Network, she can help bring about better understanding of how community advocacy and science-based solutions can result in positive change for communities and governments alike.

Network Support Team

Alifereti Tawake

Chair & FLMMA Council Member
Alifereti has a deep history with LMMA being as co-founder of Fiji’s LMMA Network and the overall regional network. He has been a key architect of the LMMA Approach and has been instrumental in the success LMMA for over two decades. Alifereti has also held many roles across the region working as a consultant and researcher with the University of the South Pacific, Foundations of Success (USA), Australia’s peak scientific body CSIRO, and the United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies and the Coral Reef initiative of the South Pacific (CRISP). Alifereti has been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the UN Equator Initiative Award at the 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) for his work coordinating the Veratavou project, and the Whitley Foundation (UK) International Awards and WWF’s Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award for his tireless advocacy supporting communities throughout the region to better manage the land and sea. Alifereti is currently completing a PhD in Earth and Environmental Science at James Cook University.

Etika Rupeni Qica

Etika is Fijian from the Matuku Island in Lau. He is a co-founder of the LMMA Network and has held many roles including site manager, national network coordinator and his current role as an advisor. He has worked in the conservation sector for over 20 years in the Pacific with organisations including WWF, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific. Having a background in business studies and marine affairs, he is well placed to understand what it takes to scale coastal resilience and sustainable development targeted projects including good governance, disaster management and COVID community response work, as he continues to do so in his village in Makadru. Etika is currently the programme coordinator for IUCN Oceania Kiwa Initiative Local Project Component, which is a grants program to support local nature-based solutions and climate adaption projects. Having worked with IUCN for over 7 years as the regional project officer supporting governments in policy support areas, his advice in invaluable when advising the LMMA Network.

Hugh Govan

Advisor, Policy and Advocacy
Hugh was born in Scotland, raised in Spain, and has lived and worked in the Solomon Islands and Fiji for 23 years as well as Central and South America. He has advised the LMMA Network and its members since its foundation in 2000. After years working at the local level on approaches to community empowerment, he worked on developing the LMMA Approach as a means to facilitate community resource management, training community and government members including a central role in LMMA’s regional course, the Pacific Islands Community Co-management Course (PICCC). His expertise in policy and practice is reflected in regional and national ocean policy as well as regional, national, provincial and community coastal fisheries policies. Hugh is particularly interested in catalysing exchanges on community rights and empowerment from the Pacific and South East Asia and across the globe including Africa, the Americas and Europe.

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