Joining the Movement

The LMMA Network began in the Indo-Pacific, a region that includes vast coastal zones and remote islands whose communities are highly dependent on marine resources for their subsistence and livelihoods.

As it has grown, globally, it has continued to advocate for similar approaches that place communities at the centre in their local contexts. For membership, the LMMA Network invites a variety of people and partners, with a few key requirements:

1. You are using (or planning to use) people-centred LMMA approaches.

Types of Members:

Community Members

Resource Owners

Traditional Leaders

Community Groups

Including Women & Youth

Faith-based Organisations

Elected Decision-makers

Conservation Staff

University Scientists & Researchers


2. You will commit to its Social Contract that places community interests at the heart of all project objectives and acknowledges that strategies/engagement must be culturally respectful and plan beyond the newest grant cycle.

Social Contract

LMMA requires every member to follow its Code of Conduct that places community interests at its heart, and to ensure that engagement lasts longer than the newest grant cycle.

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Want to know more? View our manuals and other resource materials explaining the network’s Community-Based Adaptive Management (CBAM) approach and to hear stories from the many communities that have put it into practice.

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