LMMA is an international network of natural resource management practitioners working in Asia and the Pacific, who have joined together to share best practices, lessons learned and to amplify their community voices national and internationally.


April 2016

  • Video message from Alifereti Tawake. WWF celebrates community-based marine conservation.
WWF has presented the 2015 Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award to Dr Alasdair Harris and Mr Alifereti Tawake for their significant contributions to marine conservation. This award highlights the extraordinary effort the winners are taking to support local communities in rebuilding fish populations, which have fallen by 50 per cent globally over the last 40 years, and restore marine habitat, like coral reefs, through community-based conservation. 
All life on Earth depends on a healthy ocean. Billions of us rely on it for food, livelihoods and regulation of the climate, however, unsustainable practices are pushing our ocean systems to the point of collapse.
The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award was created in 1970 and is presented annually by WWF for outstanding service to the environment. This year’s award was presented by The Duke of Edinburgh during a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London.

Photography by Fergus Burnett

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Fiji LMMA receives Duke of Edinburgh Award

Alifereti Tawake, a community advocate and marine researcher from Kadavu, today received the prestigious WWF’s Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award for his tireless support of communities throughout the region to better manage the land and sea.

March 2015

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Calls for increased government support for communities

Buoyed by two successive regional meetings of fisheries and government experts, Pacific Islands community leaders are hopeful their calls for support in meeting their food and income needs were finally heard.

February 2015

Vitawa takes the lead in 4FJ campaign

The 4FJ campaign sought pledges from across Fiji not to eat, buy or sell the fish during its peak breeding months.

  • Elimoang school visit

Pohnpei LMMA Member Wins RARE’S E.O. Wilson Grant

The Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) began the Elimoang (Pohnpei Mangrove Crab) campaign in June of last year; one of approximately 40 RARE campaigns that were being implemented worldwide in 2005-2006. The campaigns are designed to raise awareness and increase local engagement in the conservation of biologically diverse species and areas.

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Philippines: Hinatuan Bay Marine Sanctuary

The surface of the water lay like a sheet of silver velvet smoothed out toward the horizon. Numerous small islands dot the vista, whispy palm fronds adding bits of greenery to the blue-gray panorama. The sheer size of the water area is impressive – Hinatuan Bay is like a small sea in itself, stretching some 360 square kilometers (roughly 140 square miles).

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Philippines: Women Help Patrol Their Seas

Gemma Gades is a mother and active leader of a local fisherfolk group protecting Hinatuan Bay. Located in the province of Surigao del Sur on the eastern side of Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines, Hinatuan Bay is made up of small island ecosystems abundant with marine life.

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